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Articles by Direct Mail Expert, Wilson Zehr

These articles, by Direct Mail expert Wilson Zehr, provide unique insights into Direct Mail, Direct Marketing, Bulk Mailing, and Targeted Mailing Lists.

We've gained these insights based on our successful partnerships with small businesses and individuals like you, who use Direct Mail, Consumer Mailing Lists, and Business-to-Business Mailing Lists.

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Direct Mail References

Anatomy of a Direct mail Package (PDF)
by George Duncan, Duncan Direct Assoc.

Unfortunately, "writing a letter" is how many small business owners and Direct Mail newcomers think of direct mail. But there's more to Direct Mail than writing a letter - there are many decisions to be made. This checklist is designed to help you think your way through your next Direct Mail campaign.

Studies on the Effectiveness of Direct Mail

Consumers Prefer Direct Mail (PDF)
A study by Pitney Bowes

A survey shows that Direct Mail is the most effective tool to manage customer relations - ahead of print ads, television, radio, and email/internet. This research shows that Direct Mail does the best job of providing customers with the information they want in the way they want it.
Charity Mailings Get Read Most (PDF)
A study by Vertis DM Services

Direct Mail recipients are most likely to read mailings from fundraisers more than any other type of direct mail, according to this survey on charitable giving.
Mindshare Survey (PDF)
A study by Mindshare Internet Campaigns LLC (PDF)
According to this survey, "opinion leaders" such as members of Congress and their political staff prefer Direct Mail and personal communication more than email and fax.

More Articles by Direct Mail Industry Experts

We have a number of great articles by Industry Experts to help you make your Direct Mail campaigns effective ... and cost-effective!

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by Bob Leduc

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by Sandra Gudat, CEO, Customer Communications Group

LUMPY Mail Marketing
by Brian Maroevich, President,

Why Boring Works
by Howard J. Sewell, President, Connect Direct

The Market and War: Attitudes
Don Libey, Principal, Libey-Concordia

An Analysis of A Winning Sales Letter
Testing For Breakthrough Marketing Results
Yanik Silver

Secrets of Selling: Think Outside the Box
Sharon Drew Morgen, author, "Selling with Integrity"

The 10 Commandments of B to B Direct Marketing
Robert C. Hacker

How to Win the Sales Copy Writing Game (PDF)
Joe Robson

Creating Effective Letters and Postcards (PDF)
The United States Postal Service

Ways Your Business Can Use Direct Mail (PDF)
The United States Postal Service

A Light-hearted Look at the Delivery Practices of the U.S. Postal Service (PDF)
Jeff Van Bueren

How To Run A Successful Direct Mail Campaign In The Digital Age
Sparky Parker



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