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Simple power phrases stimulate your customer's feelings and trigger an emotional decision to buy from you. You can increase your sales by using power phrases in your Web pages, sales letters and other marketing messages.

Why Power Phrases Trigger a Buying Action

A power phrase helps your customer visualize how they will feel when they own your product or use your service. It generates an imagined feeling and motivates your customer to convert that feeling into reality.

Most of your customers make an emotional decision to buy from you. They may look for logical reasons to justify their decision. But their decision to buy is usually an emotional decision instead of a logical one.

Power phrases increase a customer's desire for your product or service and trigger an emotional decision to buy.

How to Create a Power Phrase

Creating a power phrase is easy. Start by listing some of the major benefits your customers get when they buy from you. Then combine a few highly descriptive action words about one or more of those benefits into a short phrase.

Here are some examples of power phrases used by 3 different types businesses:

** "Faster! Easier! 50% Less Expensive!" (For a product or service business)

** "I'll help you myself! That's why I can guarantee results." (For a service business)

** "Work you enjoy, more money to spend, and more time to spend it." (For a business opportunity offer)

Use High-Impact Words

Look at the words used in the above 3 power phrases. Many are high-impact words (fast, easy, very low cost, help, guarantee, and enjoy, more money, more time). Power phrases use high-impact words to create high-impact statements.

TIP: Use short and clearly understood high-impact words for your power phrases. They create a dramatic word picture in your customer's mind without drawing attention to the actual words you use.

A Series of 3 Words of Phrases

Here's a special tip based on my personal experience. Create some of your power phrases using a series of 3 words or 3 groups of words. For some reason a series of 3 words or phrases seems to produce a dramatic and memorable image in a customer's mind.

My most effective power phrases usually combine 3 words or 3 groups of words together in a series. For example:

"Save time. Save money. Get immediate results."
"Fast! Easy! Very Low Cost!"
"Enjoy it at home, in the office or in your car"
"Guaranteed on time every time or it's free"
"Power, Performance and Speed"

Use the information in this article to develop power phrases for your products and services. Then include those power phrases in your Web pages, sales letters and other marketing and sales messages. They will immediately increase your sales.

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