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Get a branded direct mail portal for your marketing group, corporate department, or organization.

Do you have a group of monthly mailers?

Do you want to give them access to similar materials? Do you want to take advantage of volume discounts? Do you want to track/manage mailings for the group? Do you want to track delivery and response rates real-time? Do you want to capture responses online with PURL's?

Well, we have the answer for you! You can have access to all this and more absolutely FREE.

Zairmail will build a portal for you that has your look and feel. You can post your approved templates for direct mail, collateral, and more, for your entire group to share.

You will be able to monitor all the activity of the group. You will also be able to customize campaign options for the group and offer features such as real-time mailing list counts/purchasing, delivery reports, response tracking, call tracking/recording, online response tracking, CRM pass-through, and more.

Your users can also create their own individual accounts where they can store their private direct mail, documents, and mailing lists. There is no limit to the number of accounts that can be created or the number of documents that can be stored.

This is the same type of system that enterprise software vendors and large commercial printers sell for over $100,000. We will provide this solution to you absolutely FREE. All you have to do is mail 25,000 pieces of mail or more per month*. We will take care of the rest.

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* Smaller volume plans are also available. Just ask!


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