By Brian Maroevich

The marketing process, or the process of acquiring new customers, can be broken down in its most basic form using the oldest sales and marketing formula in the book. The AIDA formula -- or Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

I know, you've probably heard it a million times, but the AIDA formula holds true. The only way to make a sale is to grab your prospect's attention, get their interest, create desire, and guide them to take action. If you skip a step or take a short cut you won't make as many sales.

There are droves many different takes on how to accomplish each phase of the AIDA formula, but where most businesses and sales people fail is in this first step. The first and most important step in sales and marketing is getting the Attention of your customers and prospects.

Studies show that you only have 3 seconds to get your prospects attention. In other words if you don't get their attention in 3 seconds, you probably won't get their business.

In direct mail-which is alive and well-your fist goal should be to get your prospect to open their envelope (or package). Because if you don't get them to open the envelope they won't read your letter. And if they don't read your letter they won't respond. Or, if you follow up on the phone they won't know who you are and your mailing efforts are a big waste of time.

The good news is there are several ways to get your envelopes opened. One of the most effective strategies is to use "LUMPY Mail."

What is LUMPY Mail?

Lumpy mail is a mailing strategy that incorporates promotional products and/or gadgets that make your mail (your envelopes or other packaging) look and feel lumpy.

"Lumpy Mail" doesn't look or feel like your standard flat and symmetrical mailer. Lumpy mail arouses curiosity and gets your envelopes and packages opened.

This is not theory. It's a proven strategy that often gets amazing results.

What exactly are promotional products and gadgets?

Promotional products are items such as pens, key chains, giant paperclips, mugs, coins, magnets, hats, shirts, and a million other items that can have your company name or marketing message printed on them. You probably have a couple promotional items at home or in the office from vendors yourself.

Gadgets are basically variations of promotional products. Gadgets are items such as coins, funny money, fake jewelry, candy, band aids, and just about anything else you can think of that you can attach to your sales letter or marketing package to make it lumpy.

Helping Hint: Do not simply drop a gadget or promotional item into your direct mail package for the sake of using it. They key to effective direct mail, or lumpy mail in this case, is to tie your gadget or promotional item in with your marketing message. For example if you use a bag of peanuts you may want to consider this approach-

"Are You Making Peanuts For Profits When You Could Be Making Real Dollars?"

Or if you choose to use a miniature magnifying glass in your marketing you can try this approach-

"Discover How To Magnify Your Cash Flow Without Spending A Dime!"

If you simply put in a bag of peanuts, a magnifying glass, or a pen with your company name on it and you did not explain why you did so, you are wasting a marketing opportunity and your prospect may not take your offer seriously.

Since getting the Attention of your prospect is the most important step, focus some of your energy on testing creative strategies for accomplishing this in your direct mail and marketing efforts. It can really pay off.

Using gadgets, grabbers, and promotional items in your marketing and using them effectively can dramatically increase your response rates. In my experience response rates have as much as tripled. But this was after considerable market research including comprehensive list selection, writing, and testing. Studies conducted by the Silver Marketing Group on a significant cross section of businesses in the United States show that response rates increased by 50%.

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