Simple Formulas

The who, what, when, where, why of getting your message out

1. Who should you mail to?

Mail to people with whom you do business. Mail to people with whom you'd like to do business. You can rent lists of potential customers and mail to them. Don't be shy. You're trying to let the world know about your great offer. Send

mail to as many people as possible.

2. What should you mail?

Mail is very flexible. Send letters, postcards, self-mailing brochures-whatever you think fits your business. Professionals may prefer letters while retailers may prefer flyers. But there's no rule. A retailer can send a "private sale" letter and a professional can send a postcard to announce his or her appearance at a seminar.

3. When should you mail?

Anytime you have news, an event, or upcoming news and events, it is a good time to send mail. An electronics store can let its best customers know in advance when the new digital cameras are coming in so they can have first crack. Are you a tax accountant trying to avoid that late-season rush? Write your clients in January.


4. Where do you send mail?

Again, send your mail to anyone who can do business with you. If you're a local store owner, you can write to every home in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. If you have unique items that might appeal to people in other states, you can write to them.


5. Why send mail?

Mail is personal. And it can't be missed. Looking through the mail means people have to spend at least a moment with your message. And sometimes, that's enough to get their attention and lead them to a sale.


If you have something to say, make sure people hear it.

These days, you can't just hang your sign or shingle and expect that business will beat a path to your door. People are busy, they may not even notice the new store on Main Street. Even if you've been in business awhile, your best customers may not check your signs in the window.

There's no advertising medium that's more personal or involving than the mail. It can't be missed. People look at their mail almost every day. So your message gets attention from anyone you send it to.



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