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Snap Pack (Pressure Seal Mailer) Template

Choose from letter size (8.5 x 11) or legal size (8.5 x 14) snap pack mailer (pressure seal mailer). You can also send a letter size or legal size Direct Mail Letter using Zairmail.

You can add your own text, logos, or images using Microsoft® Word. One of the many unique advantages of Zairmail is support for native Microsoft Word mail-merge to create personalized one-to-one direct mail with snap packs.

Zairmail offers a snap pack (pressure seal mailer) for high impact direct mail. This is the same secure format that banks use to mail PIN's and retailers use to mail rebate checks. The front contains the delivery information and the back has a mail security screen. The recipient tears off the flaps on either end to open. This direct mail letter format often boosts response rates; after all, who wouldn't want to open a rebate check? This style of direct mail letter has always been restricted to the highest volume mailers based on the special equipment required. Zairmail brings the snap pack (pressure seal mailer) to you, an option that most direct mail service providers don't even offer, at standard direct mail letter rates even in short runs.

Pressure Sealed mailer "Snap Pack" in Microsoft Word format for download and customization

Snap Pack

Snap Pack Template

Mail Merge Template

Sample List

Outside (front)

Outside (back)

Once you have customized your snap pack, then login to your Zairmail account, upload a direct mail letter, upload your targeted mailing list (or buy one from Zairmail), approve an online proof, and launch your direct mail campaign.

Faster, easier, and 50% less expensive - discover the power of direct mail with Zairmail.



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