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Avoid These Six Holiday Postcard Mistakes

Avoid These Six Holiday Postcard Mistakes

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Seasons Greetings!

Finding the best way to spread cheer during the holidays can be a tough nut to crack. If this year has been a challenging one for business, perhaps budgets are tight and you’re looking for ways to save costs, without compromising holiday cheer?

Holiday postcards are low cost, quick to put in motion, and best of all, customers love them because they feel so personal.

They are simple, yet they allow for a lot of creativity and they can even be sent in envelopes to maintain an element of surprise. To get the most out of your mailing, avoid these common holiday postcard mistakes.

Mailing Too Late

The holidays can be such a busy time for businesses, so it’s quite common for other things to take priority. Of course, when it comes to wishing your customers a happy holiday, it’s better late than never at all; but ideally, it’s much more effective if sent early! In the week right before Christmas, mail volume increases more than any other time of the year, as family and friends rush to get their greetings and packages to their loved ones (and clients).

If businesses can reach mailboxes in the first two weeks of December, the message is likely to encounter fewer competing distractions and receive more attention. Still, customers are eagerly anticipating mail and checking everything that comes through the mailbox. Your postcard will not be missed either way, but the optimal time to send would be the first week of December. Here at Zairmail, we can assist you with a holiday design and have your postcards in the mail within 48 hours. We are here to help and support you through the process every step of the way.

Not Going Jumbo

Share double the holiday cheer for just a nickel more. It now makes even more sense to go jumbo-sized on your postcards and really get noticed. Based on the specification changes that USPS made in August, the (in the mail) price difference is minimal, but the impact is twice as good! We highly recommend this upgrade for your holiday and new year campaigns.

For your reference:

Standard postcard size = 4 x 6 or 4.25 x 5.5

Jumbo postcard size = 6 x 9 or 5.5 x 8.5

Neglecting Design

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of choosing a design that looks like the front of every other holiday card. A postcard provides the unique opportunity to really pack a punch as soon as it’s seen. Even if you choose to send a postcard in an envelope, (which is a great option!) the goal is to get a spot on the fridge or somewhere memorable. Why not use this as a way to create an ‘out of the box’ Christmas design that is specifically made for the fridge? A shot of the team, a reminder of turkey (or roast beast) cooking times, or a special holiday recipe?

Sales Pitch Focus

A holiday postcard should spread cheer with no strings attached! This is not the time to mail a promotional offer or pitch your business services. It’s simply a way of staying ‘top of mind’, building rapport, and letting customers know you care. For promotional Christmas offers, October and early November are the best time to target those campaigns. These should not be confused with a holiday postcard.

Forgetting Contact Information

Even though the goal is not to sell directly through the holiday greeting, all relevant contact information should still be included. At the very least, the company name, website, phone number, and physical address should be included. A logo and company name will not be enough if customers do choose to reach out after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It’s surprising how often important contact details are forgotten in the rush of December.

Sometimes knowing what not to do is just the ticket for success! We have also shared loads of great material on how to smash success with postcards and all of the things that should be considered for promotional postcard campaigns. December is an ideal time to start mapping out direct mail plans for the new year. If you need ideas or advice, or would like to order a free sample mailing kit from us, click here.

Zairmail ( is the fastest and easiest way to send (real) postal mail. Give us a call anytime at 888.898.0066, we would be happy to help with your direct mail needs.

Have a warm, wonderful, and festive holiday season!



About the Author

Wilson Zehr is a Direct Mail Industry Expert, Direct Marketing Specialist, and CEO of Cendix (, the leading provider of Web-to-print solutions that increase sales both online and offline. He is also the founder of Zairmail (, the company responsible for many "industry firsts" in direct mail.


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