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Get Targeted Consumer Mailing Lists and Business Mailing Lists for your Direct Mail Campaign!

Direct Mail industry experts agree that the single most important element in ANY direct mail campaign is the mailing list.  In fact, 70% of the success comes from the direct mail list, another 20% is based on the direct mail offer, and the remaining 10% is based on the mail piece design or artwork used.

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Zairmail can help you find the best possible targeted direct mail mailing list.  The key to success is to find leads that match the demographics for your “ideal” customers or prospects.  Whether you are targeting consumers or business customers; Zairmail allows you to specify exactly the characteristics that define your target audience, generate counts in real-time, and purchase your list – for just pennies per record.

How does this process work exactly? First you need to create a Zairmail account. It takes only a couple of minutes to setup your own personal direct mail account with Zairmail. There is no cost at all to setup an account; no credit card required; and no minimum purchase requirements. You can use the same account to purchase targeted mailing lists, send direct mail letters and postcards, order printed products such as business cards and letterhead, or get up to the second status of any existing orders.

Create a Zairmail Direct Mail Account Now – to purchase targeted mailing lists.

Once you have a Zairmail account, you can login and select consumer mailing lists from Acxiom or business lists from Dun & Bradstreet.  Both companies are industry leaders and often sell only to larger clients – but, with Zairmail, you can take advantage of our volume buying clout to pull directly from their databases of direct mail leads, even in small quantities, at our volume discount prices.  Our list counts are all generated in real-time directly from these national databases of qualified direct mail leads.

With either business or consumer lists you can specify the geography to target: city, state, zip code – or even a radius search around a specific mailing address.  Then within your search area you can refine your direct mail list search further with demographics.

With consumer lists you can specify age, gender, marital status, home ownership, years owned, dwelling type, and income.  If you are looking for a business list the choices include age of business, number of employees, annual sales, office type, and even SIC code – to target a specific industry.  The selection of demographics assures that you will be able to select the perfect list to maximize your direct mail results.

So, what are you waiting for? Start improving the results of your direct mail campaigns today!

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